Long-term durability

StratiFlex™ is highly durable during long-term operation in hot water storage tanks!

Our patented stratification device is composed of some of the industries’ most stable and long-term durable materials and the stratification efficiency remains completely unaffected by high temperatures, high pressure, exceedingly high level of lime sediments, constant contact with water and treatment by descaling chemicals

What may be new to some is that polymers are already widely used in hot water storage tanks and similar applications – both in other stratification technologies, but also as drain pipes and in heat exchangers etc.

Durability towards lime scale

Failure due to lime scale is an important factor to consider with regards to domestic hot water storage tanks, both in Denmark, Canada, Normandie as well as other areas with similar geological composition. Accelerated stress tests performed in Denmark (with hard water >18⁰ dH) have confirmed that StratiFlex™ is unaffected by heavy exposure to lime scale for more than 16 years in operations. The test equipment broke down after 7 months of accelerated test due to lime scaling, but the StratiFlex™ was unaffected. After replacing valves and heat exchanges, the test continued, and have now been operating for additionally 6 months, equivalent to more than 20 years in operations.