About us


EyeCular Technologies is a spin out company from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), based on technology invented at the DTU Solar Energy department.

The first technology was invented and patented in 2006, and has since been developed into a commercially attractive product with further patents following.

All founding members have been associated with the University. EyeCular regularly hosts DTU students and professionals from all over Europe.

Martin Spanggaard

M.Sc. Management Engineering, Innovation Management

CEO, Founder

Martin has worked as project- and department manager within purchasing, planning and supply chain management. He possesses solid intercultural competences acquired by solving global challenges as well as international assignments in Yugoslavia, China and USA.

His professional background comprises among others: Purchasing, planning, inventory control, process- and IT-optimization. Strategic utilization of both inventory and resource capacity in order to maximize delivery performance, respond with agility to market dynamics, and minimize net working capital.

Effective competence planning and development as well as defining and leading organizational changes are also among Martin’s interests and capabilities.

Martin has been working on development of stratifiers since May 2012, and is the inventor of several of the patented solutions.

Felix Arnold

M.Sc. Climate Change, Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation

Account Manager

Felix holds a Master’s degree in Climate Change from Copenhagen University.

He has been working for EyeCular since January 2017

As an account manager, he is the main communicator between EyeCular and the customers, managing, sales, testing and technical requirements.

Felix has experience in working with european research funding, connecting SME’s and research institutions.

The team

Niels van der Veer

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Product Developer

Niels is an engineer from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

He is part of our team since september 2017.

Akbar “Anton” Jafarpur Dizboni

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Product Developer

Anton is a mechanical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

He is part of our team since september 2017.

Sahand Seirafianpour

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Product Developer

Sahand is an engineer from the Technical University of Denmark  (DTU)

He is part of our team since september 2017.

Partner – Technical University of Denmark

Simon Furbo

Associate Professor, DTU, Solar Energy

Sr. Technology Consultant

Simon has since 1976 worked on solar heating research projects at the Technical University of Denmark. He did his Ph.D. study on heat storage for solar heating systems.

He has since 1996 also been responsible for education on solar heating systems, he has supervised Ph.D. students working on heat storage and solar heating systems and he has been leader of the solar energy research group at the Technical University of Denmark. His areas of expertise are: Heat storage, hot water tanks, thermal stratification in hot water tanks, heat of fusion storage, test methods for heat storage, solar collectors and solar heating systems.

Since the middle of the 1980’ties he has been project leader of a large number of research projects on heat storage, solar heating systems for domestic hot water supply, solar combi systems for space heating and domestic hot water supply and solar heating plants. The projects have often both theoretical and experimental character.

External consultants

Berit Spanggaard

Master, Intercultural Management

HR Manager and Sales & Marketing Support, French speaking markets

Berit has more than 15 years of experiences within human resources management. Her specialties are Mobility/Expatriation Management, Compensation & Benefits and recruitment as well as HR administration.

In addition, Berit has been working and living in Paris for seven years, and possess a proficient level in French.

Berit is managing HR and supports EyeCular Technologies doing business in French speaking markets.

Board members

Mikael Schroder

Managing Director (retired), METRO THERM

Head of Board

Tom Weidner

Investment Manager, Capnova

Board member

Jacob Ulrik Petersen

Director Business Development, OFS

Board member

Martin Spanggaard

CEO, EyeCular Technologies

Board member